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The style you want and the finish you choose. Real Wood...Real Possibilities!

Solid Wood BookcasesSolid wood bookcases from Woodland Mills are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Our 9" deep basic bookcases have a clean contemporary look and are perfect for storing media and mid-sized books. Our deluxe 12" deep framed cases can hold binders and large books.

All of our bookcases are constructed from furniture quality edge glued panel sets that we make in our Glenville, Pennsylvania plant. Most of our competitors simply use lumberyard 1x10's and 1x12's, and staple a cheap 1/8" thick back on.

The backing on all of our case goods is solid 3/4" thick pine tongue and grooved planks. These back planks are encased and captured by the sides and top/bottoms of the bookcase and will never bust out on you! Even better, since the backs of our cases are real wood, you can easily drill through them to secure your unit to the wall.

The shelves are easily adjustable on 1.25" centers and are a solid 3/4" thick. They will easily handle your heaviest loads. Like the rest of the case, the shelves are made from our finely sanded edge glued panel sets.

To make our bookcases truly affordable, they are shipped unassembled to you by FedEx Ground free of charge. You will get a solid wood bookcase for the same price some retailers charge for particle board. Our finely sanded unfinished pine cases are ready for you to paint or stain to match your decor, or you may simply leave them natural.

Assembly is a straight forward and easy process using hidden dowel pins and cam locks. A screwdriver is all that's required! All components are precision bored on CNC machines. Assembly time should take less than 10 minutes on our smaller cases, and no more than 30 minutes on our largest case.

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Solid Wood Bookcases