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Wine Cubes and Bins

Here at The Woodland Mills we're proud of the fact that we make some of the very best wine cubes on the market!  Other companies provide you with square boards that you screw together with drywall screws that can be seen from the outside of the unit.

Our wine cubes assemble with hidden furniture quality connectors and dowel pins like the rest of our product line.  Also our cubes feature our 5/8" thick real wood tongue and groove backing.

Not just for storing wine, these cube units also make the perfect display units for retail stores and can be used to showcase rolled t-shirts, towels, and yarns.

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  • Wine Cube Solid Pine with real pine tongue and groove backing.

    Deluxe Wine Storage Cube with Solid Pine Tongue and Goove Back


    Woodland Mills makes some of the nicest wine storage cubes and wine racks on the market today. This is the only cube on that has a real wood solid pine 5/8" thick back to it, making it perfect for retail point of sale displays. Also our cubes assemble...