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CD/DVD/Media & Paperback Bookcases

Our CD/DVD MultiMedia Cases were exclusively designed to efficiently store and display your media collection. Available in 4 standard widths and 6 heights, we have sizes for any size collection.  This series coordinates perfectly with our Contemporary Bookcases.

Boasting the same construction features as our larger bookcases, we optimized the case heights and shelf spacing so that you can either display all CD's, or all DVD's and other media types.  You can choose whether you would like them spaced for a 6" opening for all CD's or paperback novels, or 8" opening for all other media.  

Height   24" Wide 30" Wide 36" Wide
22"H   165 CD--78 DVD 210 CD--96 DVD 265 CD--116 DVD
30"H   220 CD--144 DVD 280 CD--144 DVD 340 CD--174 DVD
40"H    330 CD--152 DVD  420 CD--192 DVD  510 CD--232 DVD
56"H    440 CD--228 DVD  560 CD--288 DVD  680 CD--348 DVD
66"H    550 CD--266 DVD  700 CD--336 DVD  850 CD--406 DVD
82"H    660 CD--342 DVD  840 CD--432 DVD  1020 CD--522 DVD


 Important Note

As of 6/30/2021

36" widths are not available at this time due to lack of raw materials for the shelves.  Tentative availability date Q1 2022.  At this time we have a sufficient inventory of raw materials to craft the 24"W and 30"W units.


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  • 40"H CD/DVD Paperback Bookcase

    40"H CD/DVD Paperback Bookcase

    $149.00 - $199.00

    18", 24", 30", or 36" wide x 40 5/8" high x 6.75" deep NOTE:  36" widths are not available due to lack of raw materials for the shelves.  Tentative availability Q1 2022. 5 adjustable shelves (5.5" deep) Shelves can be spaced for either 6...